2016/2017 Concept Evaluation

International Survey

Summary of Results


Executive Summary

869 journalists and chief editors from different countries took part in the concept evaluation of Open School of Journalism's Certificate Program. The overall grading is 1.91 ("very good") on a scale from 1 to 6. The online journalism school is pleased with the results and thankful for many ideas on how to further develop the course.


Respondents and Duration

A total of 988 journalists and chief editors from newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and online media were asked to review Open School of Journalism's Certificate Program. Among them, 869 surveys were considered complete (i.e. at least 4 of first 6 questions were answered). The respondents were recruited from various countries OSJ students come from. See: List of participating media.

The survey was open from 15 August 2016 to 15 February 2017.




Question 1: Learning Objectives

The respondents were asked to review a short list of learning objective OSJ's Certificate Program is based on. The list of objectives was graded 2.09 ("very good"). The participants were also asked to make suggestions for improvement. Many very helpful suggestions were provided which will feed into the reformulation of the course objectives. For all questions, the rating scale reached from 1.0 ("excellent") to 6.0 ("not sufficient").



Question 2: Course Contents I - Modules


The respondents were then asked to review the list of modules (excluding practical workshops) offered in OSJ's Certificate Program. The variety and content selection of modules was graded 1.65 ("very good", 46% awarded "excellent"). The journalists and chief editors were also asked to provide ideas on additional modules. Some very interesting suggestions were provided which will feed into the next module development cycle.



Question 3: Course Contents II - Practical Workshops


The next rating addressed the practical workshops, namely the Investigation Workshop, News Writing Workshop, Feature Writing Workshop, Opinion Writing Workshop, Journalistic Report and Sub-Editing Workshop. These were graded 1.85 ("very good"). A few suggestions for improvements were provided.

Both content sections got the average grade 1.75 ("very good").



Question 4: Methodological Approach I: Procedural Knowledge


The participants were asked to rate the procedural knowledge part of OSJ's methodological approach which focuses on online modules and online seminars. This section was graded 1.95 (very good"). Some suggestions for improvement were provided and will feed into the further development of the course.



Question 5: Methodological Approach II: Practical Workshops


This question again focused on the practical workshops, but this time not from a content-related, but from a methodological perspective. This part was graded 1.96 ("very good").

Both methodological sections got an average grade of 1.95 ("very good").



Question 6: Quality Measures


The last rating addressed the four dimensions of OSJ's quality management and evaluation system. The current system was graded 1.97 ("very good"). Like in the preceding questions, the respondents were asked for suggestions for improvements, here regarding possible additional dimensions or changes within the existing dimensions. Only a few suggestions were provided. Their suitability will be examined and the system will be adjusted accordingly.



Overal Grade

On a scale from 1 ("excellent") to 6 ("not sufficient"), the overall grade is 1.91 ("very good").


Open School of Journalism thanks all participants for their time and their very helpful suggestions for improvement. OSJ is very pleased with the results and is eager to develop all aspects of the program further in 2017.