Creason, Joe

Journalist and writer for The Courier-Journal Joe Creason made a name for himself while he was very young. He became the editor of a newspaper in his hometown of Benton, Kentucky, just out of college. He then was hired by the Courier-Journal in 1941 as a sports reporter, feature writer, and columnist. He started his column Joe Creason's Kentucky in 1963, where he followed the lives of everyday Kentuckians. He had fun with his column, making it easy to read and follow. He passed away from a heart attack while playing tennis. The park where he died is now known as Joe Creason Park in Louisville.

Joe focused on writing what he knew. He traveled all throughout Kentucky searching for new material for his column. He wrote with passion and knowledge. He embraced his history and love for his home, making his work a joy to read for many subscribers.

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