Dink, Hrant

One of the founders of Agos Weekly, Hrant Dink served as editor in chief from 1996 until he was assassinated in 2007. Until then, he intermittently contributed book reviews and articles to various Armenian publications locally, as well as letters to the editor to national dailies. After becoming known for his work in Agos, he wrote columns in dailies such as Zaman and BirGun. Agos was the first newspaper to be published in both Turkish and Armenian, helping open up passages of communication to the civilization at large for the Armenian community. He quickly became an eminent public figure in Turkey and a leader amongst his Armenian people.

Hrant actively spoke for the Armenian community, as well as being empathetic to Turkish Armenians and citizens of Turkey as a whole. He was a known left activist and became a charitable representative for the Armenian people of Turkey. Regardless of the threats made on his life, he continued to speak about the importance of improving the relationship between Turks and Armenians. He was, however, prosecuted three times for denigrating Turkishness under Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code.

In 2007, Hrant was assassinated by a university student on his way back to the Agos offices. He was shot three times in the head. He has received countless awards for his work, including the World Press Freedom Hero nomination by the International Press Institute and the Hermann Kesten Medell.

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