Guerin, Veronica

A prominent Irish reporter known for her work on crime, Veronica Guerin started her career in journalism in 1990 with the Sunday Business Post and the Sunday Tribune. She eventually began writing for the Sunday Independent in 1994 until her death in 1996. She was murdered, shot six times fatally, in June 1996 by drug gang members at a red traffic light. Her death eventually sparked the development of the Criminal Assets Bureau.

Veronica was recognized by both the Irish police and the criminals for her persistence, ability to get into the content of her stories, and the capability to provide very detailed information. She eventually began to cover large drug dealers and after gaining information on convicted criminal John Traynor, she started receiving a lot of death threats. She continued write even after having her house shot at, having a man point a gun at her head, and being shot in the leg. Her diligence and determination led to an International Press Freedom Award in December 1995, just six months before her murder.

A memorial status now stands in the grounds of Dublin Castle commemorating the life and achievements of Veronica. In 1997, her name was added to the Freedom Forum Journalists Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, and in 2000, she was named one of the International Press Institute's World Press Freedom Heroes. Her accomplishments helps form significant changes in Ireland, including a drug crime rate drop of 15%.

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