Lozano, Sr., Ignacio E.

A prominent journalist in his home country of Mexico, Ignacio E. Lozano, Sr. moved to San Antonio during the Mexican Revolution. He created a Spanish language bookstore and worked on two Spanish periodicals, La Revista Mensual and El Noticiero. He managed and edited the Spanish language daily newspaper El Imparcial de Texas briefly. In 1913, he founded one of the largest Spanish language daily newspapers, La Prensa. At the time, there were only around 400 similar periodicals in the United States as a whole. By 1926, the paper became so popular, it had direct correspondents in Paris, Washington, and Mexico City.

In 1926, Ignacio created his second successful Spanish language daily called La Opinion in Los Angeles. Both La Prensa and La Opinion openly criticized the policies and events that happened in Mexico. His editorials were reprinted as well. The last issue of La Prensa, which by then became a bilingual publication, was in 1963. Ignacio was recognized for his civic accomplishments by the leaders of San Antonio. He passed away from cancer in 1953.

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