MacNelly, Jeff

Jeff MacNelly was a well-known editorial cartoonist and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner. He is known for creating the popular comic strip Shoe and the single-panel strip Pluggers. He began working for Chapel Hill Weekly under Jim "Shu" Shumaker, who quickly became his mentor and the inspiration behind his comic strip Shoe. In 1970, he was hired at the Richmond News Leader. After winning his first Pulitzer in 1972, he began working for the Chicago Tribune and started Shoe, which quickly was collected by nearly 950 newspapers and had millions of readers.

In 1978, Jeff won his second Pulitzer Prize, as well as a Reuben Award. He also won a second Reuben in 1979 and the Thomas Nast Award. He won a George Polk Award and was the first cartoonist initiated into the UNC School of Journalism Hall of Fame in 1985. In 1999, Jeff was diagnosed with lymphoma yet continued to work, producing Shoe and other editorial cartoons. He died in 2000.

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