Yuanyong, Huang

Chinese journalist and author Huang Yuanyong had substantial influence on both journalism and the writing style in China. He worked for publications such as Dong Fang, Yong Yan, and Lung Heng as both a reporter and writer. He was the founder and editor of the Shao Nian Zhong Guo weekly magazine. He wrote numerous publications, mainly on either chief events or significant individuals during the times of tempestuous politics of China. His death in December 1915 is still considered a mystery today and he died at the young age of 30.

Between the years 1912 and 1916, Yuan Shikai's leadership expanded over the media and resulted in the banning of 71 newspapers and the arrest of 60 journalists. Originally a supporter of the Republic of China under Yuan, Huang began to have a more negative view on the importance of journalism. Yuan pressured Huang to name him chief editor of Ya Shi Ya Daily News against his will. Huang repeatedly declined but eventually tried retreating into his education.

Huang had a major impact on education and writing in China. He helped form the Group of Journalists, which was a major innovation in China's journalistic history. Countless intellectuals were inspired by his ideas and motions. He has commonly been regarded as the innovator of the May Fourth Movement, known as the New Culture Movement or the Chinese Renaissance.

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