The course is divided into individual modules. Each module ends with an online exam.


Competence Modules


Each competence module ends with an assignment which counts 2 study points towards your final grade (exception: 1 point in the case of 'Genres of Journalism'). The assignment takes the form of an online exam consisting of three blocks:

  1. Revision of module content in the form of multiple choice questions.
  2. Further testing on module content in the form of knowledge-based questions.
  3. Practical application tasks involving assignments requiring you to apply what you have learned.



Practical Workshops


The practical workshops provide you with an opportunity to hone your research, writing and/or editing skills based on knowledge gained during the foundation modules. You will receive comprehensive feedback on what you have done well and areas where there is room for improvement. Your work will also be graded and counts 1, 2 or 4 study points towards your final exam depending on the kind to workshop.


Also see the Course and Examination Regulations.