What do I have to expect for the module assignments and practical workship assignments?


Every course module that I choose is completed through a specific assignment.

Most module assignments consist of three examination parts. Overall, the first two parts establish that I have worked through the module. The first part consists of multiple-choice questions that test for detailed knowledge of the subject. The second part is comprised of more open knowledge-type questions where I can demonstrate that I have understood the terms and concepts that were conveyed through the module. The third part consists of work assignments that allow me to practically apply what I have learned.

The assignments are graded and become part of the final score. As part of the mark up and corrections my tutors will point out what I have done well. They will also provide advice on areas where I have room for improvement.

For practical workshops, these examinations are called workshop assignments whereas for all other modules they are called course module assignments. Every module has a set number of study points. In total I have to complete at least 24 study points through module or workshop assignments (I can complete more study points if I want to).


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