What are the advantages of distance/online education?


The main advantages of distance and online education are flexibility in terms of time and physical location: I can study whenever and wherever I want to. That means it is convenient for me to take a distance/online course while I'm working in a regular job, taking some other educational training or raising children.

Pedagogically, distance education is considered a primary method of learning since educational processes always require self-motivation and self-regulation. In other words and from an educational philosophy perspective, it is not possible for teachers to convey knowledge to me, but rather they can only can give me a helping hand so that I can learn something on my own. Recognition and understanding always have to come from within myself. As such distance education is a teaching and learning method where expertise is presented to me in a high-quality didactic form without social distractions. At the same time the available support through new media channels and tutors facilitates the positive feedback loop between docents and students. 

Distance and online learning are cost-effective educational methods when compared to in-person education such as local seminars – and in more than one way. Not only are tuition fees generally lower, but it is also possible to continue working and earn money while studying. As such the opportunity costs are either non-existent or much lower.


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