How long does it take to work through a course module?


It is very difficult to answer this question. As part of our regular participant surveys, the Open School of Journalism also asks for the following two types of information: "How long does it take you to work through a module including the assignment?" and "How much time do you invest into your distance learning studies on a weekly basis?".

Based on the answers it is of course possible to find a statistical average for both of these questions. They come to 41 hours per module and 13 hours per week.

However, these numbers are not overly significant because of large degree of variance, meaning that they can have significant variation up or down from the mean. Individual approaches to learning and working can be very different from student to student. Some students work in big chunks whereas others spread out the workload over many small sittings. Some are content to just stick to the learning modules, others gain an even deeper knowledge through supplementary reading materials. Time management is also affected through choices such as whether or not a student likes to communicate with others or prefers to work on their own.


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