Frequently asked questions about Open School of Journalism


  1. How do I decide which journalism school is right for me?
  2. By which agency was Open School of Journalism accredited?
  3. Is it possible to learn journalism through a distance/online course?
  4. What are the differences to other distance and online education providers?
  5. I live in XYZ. Can I study at the Open School of Journalism?
  6. How prestigious and internationally diverse are the docents at the Open School of Journalism?
  7. How long do the studies at Open School of Journalism take?
  8. How effective can I learn with the study materials of Open School of Journalism?
  9. Can I choose the course modules that I'm interested in and benefit me?
  10. Which support can I get during my studies?
  11. How much are the tuition fees?
  12. I am currently taking a vocational training or I am studying in another program. Can I be enrolled at the Open School of Journalism at the same time?
  13. What are the advantages of distance/online education?
  14. What are the disadvantages of distance/online education?
  15. What are the admission requirements?
  16. Do I need journalistic experience?
  17. How do I enroll?
  18. How much time do I need to study? Will I be overloaded?
  19. How long does it take to work through a course module?
  20. When do I have to hand in module and workshop assignments?
  21. What do I have to expect for the module assignments and practical workshop assignments?
  22. What are practical workshops?
  23. How often do I have to travel to the Open School of Journalism?
  24. Why do you charge fees for the studies?
  25. Are the tuition fees tax deductible?
  26. Will I get a job once I have my degree?
  27. Additional questions