Society of Professional Journalists


The SPJ is more than 100 years old and its objectives are to promote and advocate for freedom of the press and to develop and promote ethical standards within the media.

The society has more than 10,000 members, who are journalists, media executives and academic personnel. It is one of the most influential journalistic organizations in the world, and it is heavily involved in educating future journalists.

SPJ also provides seminars and training programs related to the rights and ethical responsibilities of journalists. The organization has access to a defense fund that is used to assist individuals or media groups whose freedom of the press rights are being threatened or diminished. The organization's "Code of Ethics", which was developed in 1926, is still used as an authoritative guideline for matters related to journalistic practices. Membership is provided with many conduits for the exchange of resources and information.

Open School of Journalism's Chairman of the board is a personal member of the Society of Professional Journalists.


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