Dr. Tomasz Gackowski


Tomasz Gackowski, PhD, is a media expert and assistant professor in the Department of Communication Theory, and Chief of Laboratory of Media Studies at Warsaw University. He is also Deputy Director for Research and International Cooperation at the Institute of Journalism at Warsaw University.

He has written numerous articles and books on research methodology, media studies, political communication, investor relations and stock exchange communication. He has co-organized several conferences, conventions, and research workshops (such as the Nationwide Methodological Conference of Media Experts and the Nationwide Convention of Media Analysts at Warsaw University).

He is a also a journalist, and the author of many scientific and expert papers in such areas as social media, the electronic broadcasting market, media opinion leaders, media studies concerning investor relations, reactive and non-reactive social research, and analysis of discourse and narrative. He is a member of the Polish Communication Association and the Association of Individual Investors in Poland.


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