The Open School of Journalism is an independent, international journalism school providing an online/distance program leading to a Certificate in Journalism according to ISCED Level 4.

We are an independent journalism school. We are not dependent on any media organizations (e.g. publishing houses or radio/television stations), political parties or churches. We do not receive any state funding. Our independence ensures that our program content is free from the influence of outside interests. We educate people to be independent in spirit. This is especially important for the profession of journalists.

Our program is extremely personalized and flexible. You can learn whenever and wherever you want. You can design your own tailor-made curriculum by selecting the modules that suit your personal objectives best. The course takes 1 to 24 months depending on your learning speed. Also the payment plan is flexible.

As a private journalism school, we know that our success is dependent on the satisfaction of our students with the range of services on offer and the work we carry out on their behalf. We therefore see our students as our customers. As a customer, you are not an anonymous member of the audience in a packed lecture hall, but an individual with a unique educational biography and specific learning objectives. We see the education we deliver as a service which needs to fulfil high demands – whether they are yours, those of future employers/clients or those of your readers, listeners or viewers.

We see ourselves as a truely open school, i. e. we are committed to combining a customer-, service- and quality-oriented approach with affordable fees.