1—Your Application


The first step is to apply for registration. Shortly after we reviewed your application, you will get a link to the registration form. Here, you select your course modules and practical workshops and choose your payment schedule.



2—Your Course Start


When the course starts, you will get your login details, which give you access to the online campus, i.e. your selected course modules, the practical workshops, the seminar room, the discussion forum, and the networking tool.



3—Your Studies and Exams


Competence Modules:
In the next 3 up to 24 months (depending on your learning progress), you study your selected module books. These contain learning objectives, examples and exercises. You can study wherever you are and whenever you want. Each module has to be completed with an online exam. These assignments consist of (1) multiple-choice questions, (2) knowledge questions and (3) practical application tasks. A tutor will grade your completed assignment and give you feedback.


Practical Workshops:
If you have chosen practical workshops, you can hone your journalistic skills by doing investigation, writing different types of journalistic copies, do a report or an interview, or edit existing copies. This also takes place online with your tutors.



4—Tutorial Supervision and Networking


Throughout the course, whenever you have questions regarding the modules, you can ask your tutors. You can do this in our online colloquia or by email. In the discussion forums and using the networking tool, you can connect with your fellow students and form learning groups.



5—Your Graduation


When you successfully completed at least 24 study points (and do not decide to sign up to additional modules) you can request your certificate and your report card.

We wish you all the best on your career path!