Education Made in Germany


Open School of Journalism is part of the iMove initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany (BMBF). iMOVE is part of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB).

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Why is Germany an international seal of quality when it comes to education? Looking at the history of the country and its current development, the question is easy to answer.

Germany's virtues for which it is known worldwide, go far back in history: Since the period of Enlightenment, diligence, courtesy and punctuality have been basic German virtues which were later extended by justice, tolerance, reliability and conscientiousness (and many more). Thus, it is not surprising that German products and services are still popular and approved all over the world today: For they are characterized by quality, reliability, and innovation.

The field of education comes around with the very same German attributes and virtues. When it comes to education and culture, Germany looks back to a special and rich history with influences you can still feel today: the period of "German Idealism" from Kant's to Hegel's philosophy, Humboldt's "cultural" or "educational ideal", and other conceptions of the nation's poets and thinkers on education and pedagogy. Even today, German products and services carry that same spirit of creativeness and richness of ideas within them.

The Open School of Journalism is guided by these schools of thought. With its achievements it follows that very same German, worldwide groundbreaking educational ideal. Here are three examples:

The typical German dual training, consisting of schooling and training companies – thus, a combination of theory and practice, is a worldwide scale for proper education. By offering a distance education program, the Open School of Journalism promotes both approaches (theory and practice).

Germany is one of the world leaders in distance education. The late co-founder of Open School of Journalism, Professor Schoenherr, has received two Order of Merits for his achievements in this area.

The first international quality standard for educational institutions, the ISO 29990, which is also followed by Open School of Journalism, originates in Germany and has become an international standard.