About Journalism


What is journalism? In this section, you will get an overview of the foundations of journalism. Especially, you will be able to define what journalism is and how it can be distinguished from other forms of communication. What, actually, is the purpose of journalism? You will be able to give an answer to this question. What is freedom of the press, why is it so important, and how did it develop in history? You will get insights here. Speaking of history – when did journalism start and how did it evolve? You will find a very short overview here, too. Journalism uses different media channels: print media, broadcasting, and the internet. You will find some interesting aspects of these media types here. How does journalism work actually? You will be able to review the journalistic working process after reading the section. Can you tell what makes a good story? Yes, you will when studying the next-to-last section. Finally, you will become acquainted with moral dilemmas in journalism and how to solve them when studying journalistic ethics and standards.



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