Purpose of Journalism

It is nearly impossible to say journalism has one sole purpose. Ensuring society becomes well informed and providing them with reliable information is incredibly important. It is also a journalist's duty to deliver accurate news, true to the source without being biased or taking sides.

Journalists are counted on for supplying a wide range of information from political updates to technology news. Millions of people rely on the work of journalists to keep them actively knowledgeable in various topics. With our world ever changing and news being available on phones, society is able to read journalist's work just about anywhere they go. This opens the channels of knowledge and education to anyone who is willing to embrace it.

Outside of news, the journalism world by itself has made a large impact on the written word and languages spoken around the world. Not only providing an outlook for many writers to speak the truth in all countries, it also provides new writing styles for journalists to experiment with or even create on their own. Many journalists in previous decades made huge stands against governments or regimes in order to get their written word exposed to society, opening new pathways for multitudes of languages.

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