The Journalistic Working Process

Journalism is all about the story. Finding the right topic to write about is the first step along the journey. You have to decide what topic you want to write about and choose your story from there. It has to be something factual and something you can find information to base your words off of. Once the topic is selected, you can narrow it down to a location or even a specific person if needed.

After you have your story selected, you have to set out a plan and agenda. It is important not to procrastinate as the story is not going to write itself. Implementing a detailed agenda and incorporating all of the things you need to do for the writing process will not only help keep you organized in the process, but it will also prevent you from skipping any important steps needed along the way.

Gathering information is the next step in the journalistic working process. This can also be one of the most fun parts for the reporter as it can include interviews, research, investigating, etc. Whatever information you need to add subject matter to your story, do it! If it involves conducting interviews, contact whoever you can to plan them ahead of time just to save everyone involved time and distress. When performing research, use any sources you can think of including books, internet, or people. Show the world why you want to write the story and why you have what it takes.

After compiling all of the data needed, it comes time to actually write your content. Set aside some time and actually focus on writing everything. Do whatever it takes to write in the best way you write. This could mean you blast music as loud as you possibly can or you sit in complete silence. Writing the main content of the story is part where you showcase your personality and talent, so do not hold anything back.

The final step in the working process is editing. Some journalists edit their work themselves while others have friends, family, or fellow journalists help out. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you go over your work again and again until you are comfortable that everything is good to submit to your publisher or online. If it is, you have just completed your story!

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