Audience Research

Audience research measures the viewership, readership, listenership, and web traffic for media publications. This not only assists the companies in finding out how large their audience is, but it also helps advertisers see who the audience is also. There are several demographics laid out for audiences including ages and genders. Television programs get one point for each percentage of viewers in a surveyed area per minute. Audience research is imperative to media as it helps them grow and become the best they can be for their audience.

Today, audience research is conducted mainly by the Nielson Company. Their measurements focus on total viewers and demographics. They also help compile lists of ratings and top programs for companies. There is new technology that also helps measure the audiences of digital media through both telephone and Internet surveys. With these type of measurements, the goal is to find out the amount of time each person spends viewing which pages, what type of content is viewed, the number of viewers, the nature of the audience, and the overall interest of the audience.

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