To put it simply, diffusion is when something is spread extensively. When a journalist's article or theory takes root and begins to spread from one area to another, it is considered diffusion. This is a common thing with the news, especially with the new technologies today. Some new technologies that contribute to the diffusion of the news include micro-blogging, blogging, websites, e-mails, and social media. Diffusion of the news has been around for many years. One huge contributor is television news broadcasts. The start of major news networks created a large ability to spread news easily and to large amounts of people.

The ability to spread ideas and knowledge between completely different cultures is possible through news diffusion. This leads to a society who is more in tune with the world around them, as well as higher literacy rates. The social impacts with higher news diffusion are significantly more positive than in cultures without news at all. Diffusion is a concept that is exceedingly beneficial for the entire world.

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