Editing is the action of verifying and correcting the information in a publication or broadcast before it is released to the public. News organizations hold all different kinds of editorial positions including editor-in-chiefs, contributing editors, editorial assistants, copy editors, and even editors over specific content. Publications would not be able to allow their material to go public without editors being there to verify everything is to standard, following all laws and regulations, and falls under the spelling or grammar guidelines.

Editors cover a vast amount of specific work in their day. They ensure publications look and feel correct according to the news organization's general standards. They proofread and make sure there are no errors or libel in every article. They guarantee every piece incorporates fairness and accuracy, while maintaining the publication's overall voice. It is a demanding job and definitely something that needs to be covered by more than one person at a time. This is why most publications, big or small, employ several different editors at one time.

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