A wide variety of publications put together internships in order to help young journalists train and get a feel for working with a professional company. Internships allow for specialized on-the-job training and experiences for those who aspire to be journalists. It adds to one's resume, giving them the actual practice and familiarity they need for future positions. Most internships are temporary and do not necessarily guarantee a permanent position with the publication after the term is up. They can be either paid, partially paid, or unpaid depending on the contract and company.

There are several types of internships out there. Some schools offer internships for a few semesters in order to add work experience into the degree program. The students receive not only relevant understanding of their field, but are able to put their education into practice. Other internships require final year students, or graduated students, to research and study for specific companies. If the publication has a certain area they want to explore or improve, they can have the intern assigned to research it. Virtual internships are available for those only able to work remotely. They are able to gain specific job experience while working remotely. Internships allow students or potential journalists to grow in many areas before taking the plunge into the actual field.

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