Letters to the editor

Readers sometimes send their own letters to publications stressing concern about certain issues or events. These are called letters to the editor and are commonly published with answers or discussions along with them. The most common subjects brought up are errors, misrepresentations, whether material has been published previously, responding to other letters to the editor, or comments on certain government issues happening in their area. They have been a part of American newspapers since the mid-1700s.

Today, there are large amounts of letters available through the Internet, as well as television and radio journalism. Writers either send their pieces via e-mail or submit through special websites. Several different snippets of letters can be posted together, making one large letter to the editor in a discussion type format. It is not uncommon for an editor to publish an anonymous letter, however submitting one under a false name can have its repercussions. This is especially the case when supporting or disapproving of any type of opponent.

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