Public Relations

Public Relations, commonly referred to as PR, is the area responsible for controlling all information that spreads to and from the public and an organization. In journalism, their main goal is to help the publication maintain a reputable status and promote a positive point of view of the publication for the audience. Those who work in PR are most times considered to be the face of the organization, handling positive and negative issues that come their way.

There are several types of public relations disciplines specific to each company. Financial public relations handle any communications regarding financials or business strategy. Internal communications includes connecting within the publication directly. They handle crisis communication, responding quickly when a corporation is in a crisis. They issue press releases to various publications in regards to events or newsworthy information. They also help with publicity, whether it is with consumers, products, services, or even government departments. Public relation professionals need to build a vast amount of relationships and be devoted to the publication they are with in order to succeed in the field they love.

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