Publishers are key to the journalism environment, controlling the process of actual development and printing of a publication. They tend to hire their staff to produce the material needed, as they approve and run the organization as a whole. The publisher is the final stage of publication after a piece has been ran through copy editing and editors. Publishers help set the regulations and stories they want to see in the publications as well. Some publishing organizations are separate from the news publications, with the publishers controlling several news outlets at one time.

Some of the key tasks for publishers include supervising the assembly and circulation process, as well as establishing the publication's distribution requirements. They concentrate on everyday practices, helping make sure to make decisions that lead to profitable outcomes. Publishers assist in hiring writers and employees, deciding on the best match for the company. They face tight deadlines when having to choose which articles will aid the publication's growth and support writers in developing their work before it is published. Publishers can work in numerous industries, all of which are incredibly rewarding and satisfying.

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