User Generated Content

Whatever is available that users have participated in creating is considered user generated content, or UGC. Most times, this refers to anything on the Internet, including videos, blogs, photos, and comments. Some advertisers can use positive UGC in order to better relate to their customers. The idea behind UGC took off around 2005 and is now a common term when referring to a large amount of applications.

Advertisers and commercial websites rely heavily on UGC in order to boost sales and heighten customer ratings. Sharing positive reviews about their company can increase the interest in wanting to either look into the company or stay with them. There has been some controversy behind the usage of UGC, with people saying it is a privacy violation. Copyright laws are in place when it comes to UGC, specifically with videos and distribution rights. When everything is followed accordingly, however, UGC is a great way for a company to show how the users appreciate their products and content.

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