Education Writers Association (USA)

Formed as a nonprofit organization in 1947 by educators and journalists concerned about public perception of the profession of teaching, the Education Writers Association seeks to improve reporting on education issues at all levels. Currently composed of a membership that encompasses over 3,000 working journalists, teachers, advocates, policymakers and others, the association increasingly communicates its message to education-focused reporters and to stakeholders through webinars, podcasts, video productions and other Internet-centric methods. Since 1972, the association has annually bestowed its Fred M. Hechinger Grand Prize for Distinguished Education Reporting on a top contest winner for excellence in reporting.

The Education Writers Association regularly sponsors training programs, professional gatherings and conferences such as its annual National Seminar, which typically hosts hundreds of journalists, newsmakers, education experts and other interested parties. A core group of members creates and curates a range of education-related materials to assist reporters in need of reliable industry information, and the association employs a public editor to provide expert advice without charge to hundreds of journalists each year who request assistance with accuracy and detail in completing their education-related reports. More recently, the association has sought to address what it sees as growing tension between the strictures of older business models and the increasing difficulties of reporting on fast-paced advances in experimental education models.

The organization relies heavily on member donations, grants from private foundations and seminar sponsorships for its funding.

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