European Journalism Observatory (Switzerland)

Founded in 2004 at the University of Lugano in Switzerland, the European Journalism Observatory focuses on the institutions that monitor media accountability, believing that a growing reliance on newer, smaller organizations for oversight of media accountability issues and a host of other systemic problems have gradually weakened public respect for the integrity of newsrooms and the reporting standards of professional journalists. A recent report from the EJO criticized the cynical exploitation of commercial press releases by public-relations professionals, saying that many newsrooms have fallen into the habit of parroting company claims without bothering to verify facts with independent investigations.

A special characteristic of the EJO is its dedication to making its website materials available in a range of common European languages such as German, English, Italian and Polish. In 2005, the EJO won the Swiss Association for Quality in Journalism award, and in 2011, it expanded coverage to Eastern European countries such as Latvia and Romania. The organization is largely supported by funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation, the ZEIT Stiftung Foundation in Germany and other foundations.

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