European Newspaper Publishers' Association (Belgium)

The European Newspaper Publishers' Association, originally known as the Confederation of Newspaper Publishers of the Common Market, sprang into being as a German nonprofit organization in 1961 during the sweeping changes in governance that followed the 1957 Treaty of Rome, which defined the road to the modern European Union. The new group served as a venue for its membership to discuss the commercial, political and regulatory implications of an emerging superstate in Europe for journalism and the publishing industry. In 1991, the group reorganized itself as an international trade association based in Belgium; subsequently, its focus shifted to protecting the principle of freedom of the press, promoting diversity in journalism and closely tracking potential legislation or policy changes from supranational European governmental entities that might affect ENPA's members.

ENPA's scope eventually expanded to encompass the digital-media venues that emerged from a growing World Wide Web. ENPA's membership, composed primarily of news-media associations from European Union states, Norway, Switzerland and Serbia, accounts for over 5,200 distinct regional, local and national newspapers that reach a daily readership of more than 300 million people.

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