Free Press Unlimited (The Netherlands)

The product of a 2011 merger between the Dutch organizations Press Now, Free Voice and the International Project division of Radio Netherlands Training Centre, Free Press Unlimited strengthened projects inherited from its parents. In addition to encouraging professional journalism in emerging markets and supporting independent journalists as an alternative to heavily censored media venues in the smaller countries that arose from the aftermath of the war-torn breakup of Yugoslavia, FPU has continued a 40-year history of providing journalism training to international students, a large percentage of whom hail from developing countries such as Zimbabwe and the Sudan. The organization cooperates with Greenpeace and other partners to produce programming for the Kids News Network, which is designed to appeal to children in selected countries with inadequate media networks.

FPU is heavily sponsored by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and other European government agencies, but significant funds are donated by individuals and private charities. In 2013, the Postcode Lottery in the United Kingdom awarded a grant of €3,000,000 to the organization, which will use much of the money to expand special children's programming to reach a potential audience of 300 million.

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