Global Press Institute (USA)

After its establishment in 2006 by Cristi Hegranes, an American journalist, the nonprofit Press Institute for Women in the Developing World changed its name in 2011 to the Global Press Institute. Based in San Francisco, the organization pushes hard to increase the presence of women in journalism, particularly newcomers drawn from candidates across the developing world who possess intimate knowledge of community practices and cultural mores. Other primary goals of the GPI include advocacy for the legal rights and social status of women and reversal of a perceived decline in the quality of global reporting on social issues affecting women.

The organization regularly holds community-based programs to improve the investigative-reporting skills of women journalists. The first training program held by the GPI, held in Mexico in 2006 for five women, covered issues ranging from treating AIDS victims, obtaining medically safe abortions in a hostile legal environment, understanding the root causes of poverty and encouraging community-development projects. Other training programs have addressed the difficulties experienced by victims of caste discrimination in India, politically motivated sexual assaults in Rwanda and other issues germane to the unique challenges encountered by the inhabitants of countries such as Nepal, Brazil, Haiti and many others. The GPI typically handles syndication of the resultant news stories from its association with more than 135 qualified, active journalists.

Supporting funds are provided by a constellation of private foundations, including The Boston Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the United Way and others, but individuals also regularly donate money to the organization, and revenue from syndication has steadily grown. The GPI refuses to accept any funding from governmental entities.

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