Institute for War & Peace Reporting (UK)

Originally established as Yugofax in 1991 by U.S. journalist Anthony Borden and three companions from the United Kingdom and Serbia and eventually renamed as the Institute for War & Peace Reporting in 1998, what began as a newsletter on the tumultuous events surrounding the gradual breakup of the Balkans evolved into a non-governmental organization that focuses on supporting media development projects in challenging environments such as the Balkans, Afghanistan, Central Asia and Iraq. Recognizing the difficulties facing aspiring reporters in countries that suffer from political turmoil, inadequate funding and poor comprehension of the nature of a free press, the institute seeks to arrange sponsorships for nascent media organizations such as radio stations and newspapers in troubled regions.

The IWPR typically uses intensive, one-on-one internships with experienced personnel to quickly bring aspiring reporters up to speed on modern journalistic standards and techniques, and many resultant reports and missives appear on the institute's website as news items, video presentations and archived radio broadcasts. Registered as a charitable foundation in the United Kingdom, the United States and the Netherlands, the organization is largely supported by individual donations and in-kind contributions from a wide range of businesspeople, journalists and other volunteers.

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