International Association of Press Clubs (Poland)

Founded in 2002, the International Association of Press Clubs encompasses an expansive representation of national press clubs from many countries, one of the oldest of which is the London Press Club, originally established in 1882. The association strives to advance freedom of the press in all countries and to maintain a collegiate atmosphere for the individual members of the press clubs that populate the official IAPC membership rolls. In addition to encouraging collaborative projects between journalists working on similar projects, the IAPC tracks and reports on events affecting the safety of reporters operating in disparate political and cultural environments. An additional characteristic of the IAPC is an insistence on high ethical standards for journalists.

The association's continuing mission is to encourage the establishment of press clubs in countries currently lacking such supportive groups, especially in regions historically associated with repressive governments, and to push for increased acceptance of well-accepted models of good governance. In 2013, the IAPC bestowed its Freedom of Speech Award on the Reporters Without Borders group for strongly defending freedom of expression for journalists and others under difficult conditions. Funding for the association is primarily provided by annual subscription fees from its members.

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