International Federation of Journalists (Belgium)

The International Federation of Journalists, originally established in 1926 and relaunched twice in the following decades, ranks as the world's largest federation of journalists with more than 600,000 associated individual members from 134 nations. The IFJ strongly promotes freedom of the press for its members and historically has supported muscular trade unions for professional journalists. In addition to maintaining a special international fund to cover emergency humanitarian aid for journalists, the organization campaigns for greater protection for reporters and publishes an annual report on media specialists who have died violently in the course of their duties.

The Belgium-based federation largely remains above partisan politics and emphasizes basic human rights, diversity, cultural sensitivity and the need to avoid purposefully inflammatory language when covering controversial issues. In 2009 and again in 2012, however, fury erupted within the organization over the inclusion of Israeli members during Israeli military activity in Palestinian territories. Full membership is restricted to trade unions for journalists, but other journalism groups can join as associate members. The IFJ is funded by annual membership dues.

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