International News Safety Institute (UK)

This organization is dedicated to providing information and developing training programs to help media employees maintain their own safety while on the job. Donations are used to research the latest techniques for keeping media groups safe while on location in foreign countries or while reporting important news stories in dangerous environments. Women are offered training classes where they can learn to understand cultural differences in hostile countries, and how to respect theses differences in order to maintain their own safety while still being able to equally apply their trade and effectively report the news as it happens. The INSI also maintains a database of safe and secure accommodations and safe roads to travel while working on assignment in some of these problematic areas. Members are provided free training courses, access to relevant databases and information, a forum for sharing and receiving the latest information regarding security issues, and a variety of luncheons and events designed to promote information sharing amongst journalists. With a world in crisis, this group believes reporter safety is the number one issue facing the courageous journalists who are willing to work in the direct line of fire.

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