Journalists for Human Rights (Canada)

Journalists for Human Rights was founded in Canada in 2002. The group is intimately involved in developing and promoting ways for journalists to effectively report on human rights issues that occur all over the world. The group's charter is to use media resources to challenge and bring light to human rights violations and problems in countries where individuals are being persecuted because of ethnicity, religious beliefs or gender. Work is currently being done in over 21 different country, with a special focus on human rights issues in South America and Africa. Using non-partisan methods, the group works through journalists and government officials to identify human right violations, and to find ways to mediate and eradicate these problems whenever possible. The JHR works hard to protect the rights of journalists to effectively cover stories related to human rights in countries where the violations seem so flagrant. They also provide publications and training on how to identify and report on human rights violations in an effective, unbiased manner, while trying to identify and coordinate opportunities to eliminate human rights issues by using the power of the press.

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