Society of Environmental Journalists (USA)

In 1990, an elite group of environmental journalists got together and founded the Society of Environmental Journalists. Through the next 14 years, the SEJ has accumulated a roster of over 1,400 academics and journalists working in over 27 different counties including the United States. Members are encouraged to use all forms of the media to engage the public regarding the latest trends and issues related to climate change and the environment. The group advocates on behalf of journalists by protecting their rights to freely report the news, helping to create lines of communication between environmental scientists and journalists, and educating journalists on the most recent issues facing people and the environment all over the world. The group also provides leadership by developing educational material, sponsoring seminars and conferences, and offering training programs related to environmental science. The SEJ has become a very important link in the environmental reporting industry using its influence and connections to educators, media executives, publishers, leading scientists and member reporters. As environmental issues such as global warming continue to ignite public debate, the SEJ is dedicated to training the media on how to disseminate pertinent news to stakeholders and the public on a timely basis.

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