Journalists' Association (UK)

The SJA was formed in 1948 in the United Kingdom. The group has not only been involved with advocating for sports journalists, but they have also been, and will continue to be instrumental in the evolution of sports and sports reporting throughout the country. The group has been intimately involved with developing and promoting the Glasgow Commonwealth Games as well as being a key player in the sport of rugby and its leagues and championships. The SJA sponsors two major awards ceremonies each year;
the SJA British Sports Awards and the SJA British Sports Journalism Awards. Members receive a variety of benefits including accreditation services for international press cards, legal advice and discounts on sporting goods and tickets. The group promotes and encourages communication and the sharing of information amongst its members, and offers a variety of luncheons and conferences where sports reporters are given access to prominent sports figures as well as the latest trends in sports journalism.

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