World Press Institute (USA)

The World Press Institute is a fellowship program that was founded in 1961 in St. Paul, Minnesota. This private non-profit organization was founded to help create a stronger worldwide press by sponsoring foreign reporters who come to the United States each year. Ten reporters are chosen for the fellowship each year with over 500 that have completed the program over the past 53 years. Each of these reporters is taken from countries where freedom of the press is often challenged and censored. Through the WPI, they are given the opportunity to learn about reporting and the media under the protection of the First Amendment. These reporters are taught about the importance of accuracy and ethics when developing a news story. They are exposed to large news organizations and given a wide range of news assignments that include public interviews and researching important social issues. They will interact on a professional basis with government officials, business executives and civic leaders from all walks of life. By the time their fellowship has concluded, they will be able to travel back to their counties of origin and hopefully interject the American style of news reporting within the foreign news organizations that they work for in the future.

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