News Agency Journalists

One of the most interesting journalistic jobs that a person can have is working at a news agency. News agency journalists write and research stories for their employers. In addition to politics and news, they report on arts, culture, business and science.

Aside from that, they cover local and national events, human interest and entertainment stories. Their typical work activities include the following:

•    Building contacts to maintain a flow of news
•    Investigating and seeking out stories through press releases, other media and contacts
•    Reacting to breaking news stories
•    Working closely with editors, photographers and the news team
•    Creating news content for their news agency website

A lot of news agency journalist start at the bottom. After a few years as a general reporter, they can move on to become a chief, senior reporter or specialist writer of some kind.

Other career options include working on the news layout and headlines as a sub-editor. It may also be possible for people to move overseas as a news correspondent where knowledge of the culture and language is essential. Career development depends on initiative and performance.

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