Bluford , Lucile

Often referred to as the Matriarch or the Conscience of Kansas City, Lucile Bluford was a journalist and equal rights activist. Her focus in journalism was to get the news out in any way possible. She began working for publications such as the Kansas City Call, the Daily World, and the Kansas City America. Her final move was to The Call, where she stayed for the rest of her career. She advanced there from cub reporter all the way to editor, owner, and publisher.

During her time with The Call, Lucille made a point to fight discrimination and help the cause of African Americans in Kansas City. She served on the board of the NAACP and was named Kansas Citizen of the Year in 2002. With the assistance of the NAACP, she attempted to help African Americans with higher education. She died in 2003 at the age of 91.

After fighting the education for years, Lucile finally received an honorary degree from the University of Missouri in 1989. Since 1939, she struggled to obtain her degree, being denied 11 times. After filing several lawsuits, the University of Missouri stated they had too few staff members due to World War II and closed their graduate program.

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