Bolyard Nuzum, Eldora Marie

Eldora Marie Bolyard Nuzum made a big impact on the journalism world, beginning her career at only 20 years old. She is most known for her work as editor for several publications, as well as her several presidential interviews including Harry S. Truman, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and George H.W. Bush. She was considered one of the very few women actually interviewing people in charge during a time when female journalists were becoming more prominent.

In the early 1940s, Eldora began her career with The Grafton Sentinel. By the time she was 20, she became the editor and stayed that way for six years. She was admired for the achievement of being a woman and an editor of a newspaper during a time when women were not normally in the field. She was the first female to be editor in chief of a regularly published daily newspaper. Eldora was named in the West Virginia Press Association Hall of Fame in 2009. She passed away in 2004.

Eldora was the editor of The Inter-Mountain for 32 years. She attracted national recognition in 1974 when the facilities burned down and she made a vow not to miss a single edition. She was able to keep her promise and the publication released right on schedule. There were radio shows, including the Paul Harvey show, and news stories that covered the account nationwide.

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