Booker, Edna Lee

Edna Lee Booker began her journalism career in 1922 as a foreign correspondent for the International News Service of New York, a large U.S. based news agency. Her assignment took place in Shanghai. She also held a position for the China Press and then led the American Daily in China. Her husband was a successful businessman, making it stable to raise a family between the two of them. Unfortunately, they were in China when the Japanese invaded. Edna was able to flee with her children to the United States, but her husband was placed in an internment camp for several years.

Edna's other journalism experience includes work with the Los Angeles Herald and the San Francisco Call-Bulletin. During her time in China, she also interviewed Chang Tso-lin and Wu Pei-fu, the two Chinese warlords. This achievement made her the first foreign woman correspondent to ever interview them. She proceeded to write two other books including News is My Job: A Correspondent in War-Torn China and Flight from China.

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