Fontán, Antonio

Antonio Fontan was both a journalist and a member of the Spanish Senate. He is most celebrated for his struggle for freedom of the press and was named as one of the Heroes of Press Freedom by the International Press Institute. He established the first school of journalism in Spain on a university-level in 1958 at the University of Navarra. He was one of the authors of Spain's Constitution of 1978 after Francisco Franco's rule and he functioned as a minister of the government from 1979 to 1982.

In 1967, Antonio was chosen editor in chief of Madrid. The publication was not a favorite with authorities due to the type of material it covered, causing them to receive countless sanctions for condemning the Franco regime. In 1968, they were suspended for four months, while Anthony was prosecuted and fined on multiple occasions. They resumed printing again later that year, but he was forced to resign in 1971 and the newspaper was closed down permanently shortly after.

Later on in 1977, Anthony was voted into the Senate as a member of the Union de Centro Democratico coalition party. He created a bimonthly magazine in 1990 called Nueva Revista de Politca, Cultura y Arte in 1990. He also became an honorary life member of the International Press Institute in 1984.

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