Gribayedoff, Valerian

Valerian Gribayedoff was a well-known journalist in the late 1800s. He became prominent for capturing some of the only photos of the 1897 trial for the Dreyfus Affair, a political scandal that showed injustice and public opinion in France. Originally born in Russia and the son of a colonel in the Tsarist army, he later came to America to work on his journalism career until 1897 when he left for Paris for the Dreyfus Affair trial. In 1895, he published his book The French Invasion of Ireland. His last journalism work was as a correspondent in Siberia covering the Russo-Japanese War for an American newspaper. In 1908, he passed away in Paris.

Valerian was also known for introducing illustrated drawings into his work, thus originating pictorial journalism. He often recreated drawings from photos and his work was said to be more lifelike than the others in the field. His work eventually led to the rise of Sunday newspapers, soon full of prints and drawings.

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