Lubis, Mochtar

Mochtar Lubis was an Indonesian journalist and novelist. He co-founded Indonesia Raya, a controversial Indonesian newspaper, and his novel Senja di Jakarta was the first Indonesia book to ever be translated into English. He began as a news reporter for the agency Antara in 1945. During his time with the agency, he covered the Asian Relations Conference and joined the Indonesian Visual Artists Association.

In 1949, Mochtar co-founded Indonesia Raya. Receiving abnormal backing from military intelligence officers, the publication functioned under the view that the government was "adversary number one" when it came to free press. The paper was banned in 1958, and Mochtar was imprisoned. The New Order government allowed the resume of publication in 1968.

Mochtar was arrested in 1975 in accordance to the riots during the Japanese Prime Minister's visit. Indonesia Raya was shut down shortly after due to reporting the Pertamina corruption scandal details. Mochtar spent two months in prison and noted that other prisoners spent time there without trial. Once he was released, he took part in several magazines and foundations. He was very outspoken when it came to the freedom of the press in Indonesia. He was named one of the International Press Institute's World Press Freedom Heroes in 2000. At the age of 82, he passed away in 2004.

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