Narayanan, Edatata

In the early 1900s, Edatata Narayanan was a prominent journalist and freedom fighter in India. He started the daily newspaper Patriot in 1963 while simultaneously working on the weekly publication Link. He is notable for adapting the belief that the editor's say is final, as well as publishing the income tax figures of top industrialists in Patriot, making the information open to anyone. He eventually wrote the book Praja Socialism: Monopoly's Pawn, focusing on the merge of the Socialist Party and the Kisan Mazdoor Praja Party.

During his prime, Edatata was good friends with Indira Gandhi, the eventual Prime Minister of India. Together, they were pro-Left and he adapted this in his editorial policy. He also had a somewhat controversial relationship with Indian independence activist Aruna Asaf Ali due to their believed living status without being married. He conducted a large amount of activist work with Aruna, including visiting Moscow and joining the Communist Part of India.

Edatata passed away in 1978. Today, he is looked at as a role model for Indian editors and journalists.

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