Save these costs


All forms of education are accompanied by a variety of cost factors – and a course in journalism is no exception.
  1. There's the course fee, an area in which distance education is among the leading educational models in terms of value for money. At Open School of Journalism, we try to keep them as low as possible. So there is no need for high study loans.
  2. Secondary study costs such as travel and accommodation costs are often underestimated, and can in some cases be far higher than the course fee itself. By transferring learning from bricks-and-mortar classrooms into the internet, the Open School of Journalism enables you to avoid any travel or hotel costs whatsoever.
  3. Learning time normally leads to so-called "opportunity costs", i.e. time invested in learning cannot be used to work and earn money. At Open School of Journalism, your opportunity costs will be close to zero. The flexibility of the course design allows you to arrange your learning time around your working hours. In the case of travel, it is not just money you save, but also unproductive time spent travelling to and from your place of learning.